British Journal of Renal Medicine - 2018

Slow progress – modifying progression in polycystic kidney disease
John Bradley
pp 91-91
Nephrology in developing and developed nations: worlds apart but many similarities
Mubarakali Janmohamed, Francis Frederick and Sunil Bhandari
pp 92-96
What I tell my patients about Fabry disease
Sarah McCloskey and John A Sayer
pp 97-100
Happy holidays?
Fiona Loud
pp 100-100
Time to grasp the nettle: transforming outpatient care
Donal J O’Donoghue
pp 101-102
UK Kidney Week 2019
Maarten Taal
pp 105-105
Our mission: improving lives by supporting professionals in the delivery of kidney care and research
Graham Lipkin
pp 105-105
Experience of setting up an ADPKD service to deliver tolvaptan
Sarah Borrows, Fouad Al-Baaj, Jemima Taylor and Lukas Foggensteiner
pp 106-109
Is deemed consent the answer to all donation delays?
Patricia Rogers
pp 110-110
The cost of a kidney: a personal view of living-donor kidney transplantation in India
Adam M Gerrish and Lakshmi Kumar
pp 111-115
Imaging project launched to tackle kidney disease
Kidney Research UK
pp 115-115

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