British Journal of Renal Medicine - 2018

Genomic sequencing – spot the difference
John Bradley
pp 35-35
Evidence of the pathogenicity of a mutation in the polycystin-1 gene
Joana Rocha, Rosário Pinto-Leite, Márcia Martins, Rita Cerqueira, Jorge Pinto Basto, Osvaldo Soares and Teresa Morgado
pp 36-39
National Kidney Federation
pp 39-39
A world-class living donor transplant programme in the UK: is it possible?
Aisling E Courtney and Stephen D Marks
pp 40-43
A comparison of three models of renal patient transfers
Chukwuma A Chukwu, Thangevelu Chandrasekar, Rebecca Brown, Tom Ledson, Christine Jones, Khaled Abdulnabi and Kottarathil Abraham
pp 44-46
Welcoming new affiliates
British Renal Society
pp 49-49
Patient information
Renal Association
pp 49-49
Use and efficacy of rituximab for adult minimal change disease
Clare Morlidge, Barbara Thompson, Kevin Loudon, Suresh Mathavakkannan and Paul Warwicker
pp 50-52
Kidney Care UK
Kidney Care UK
pp 43-43
Co-production: learning from the Shared Haemodialysis Care programme
Andy Henwood, Sonia Lee, Angela Lumsdon and Martin Wilkie
pp 53-57
Welcome to Professor Hughes
Kidney Research UK
pp 57-0
In Place of Fear – 70 isn’t old these days
Donal J O'Donoghue
pp 58-59

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