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The British Journal of Renal Medicine Editorial Board welcomes submissions that describe original research, present clinical observations accompanied by analysis and discussion, provide critical reviews of clinical, ethical, social or economic aspects of nephrology, or describe and discuss case reports. Before submitting a full article, you may first wish to submit a brief outline to the Editor.

Your article should be original, topical and not previously published elsewhere. It should be clear and reasonably concise: a length of 1,200–1,800 words is ideal. References should be listed in the Vancouver style, with ideally no more than 15–20 cited, due to space constraints.

Articles should have an introduction, a conclusion, a set of key points, and be divided into sections using subheadings. When writing your article, please bear in mind that the audience may include all members of the multidisciplinary team. Authors are encouraged to include two or three illustrations or tables, with all sources referenced and consent for reproduction obtained.

Authors are required to meet the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals as set out by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

Articles will be reviewed by the Editor or Editorial Board. If accepted for publication, articles may be amended for clarity, consistency and in keeping with house style, or shortened for reasons of space. Proofs will be sent out for author review before publication.

Full details are available in the Notes for authors.

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